Arnold Young’s first hardware store

Our History

Since 1954, family-owned and operated A&M Industrial has served as a regional and national leader in supply chain management, evolving to meet the needs of industry through continual process and product improvement.

In our early years, A&M matured from a small retail store in New Jersey to an industrial hardware provider, expanding alongside the strong manufacturing industries in the region at the time. But as manufacturing migrated to southern states and, eventually, international markets, we were forced to reinvent our business strategy to focus on essential services - things that are relevant to our region. As the requirements of our customers broadened, we've broadened our product line considerably over the last ten to fifteen years.

There are not many independently-owned niche companies left like us. As far as the bigger players go, two main factors differentiate A&M: a strong technical orientation and customized services. For an experienced business partner call A&M today.

A Record of SuccessArnold Young & David Young

1954 - A&M Industrial founded as a hardware store.
1965 - Open Elizabeth, NJ warehouse.
1987 - Launch pipes, valves and fittings line.
1999 - Join Affilated Distributors.
2000 - Open Hose Fabrication and Service Center.
2001 - Received national recognition for 9/11 recovery efforts.
2005 - Acquire Petro Marine Company.
2006 - Open Aeroquip Express Store.
2007 - Acquire Safety Services.
2008 - Launch Storage Solutions.
2010 - Open Valve Automation Shop.
2012 - Open Pennsylvania Branch Office.
2017 - Acquired Industrial Tool Specialist, ITS.
2018 - Acquired Boro Supply Company.